I'm Serzh

I’m a ukraine designer based in Kiev and available for full-time roles & freelance projects.

I design digital products and websites for startups, brands, and entrepreneurs with cool projects.


I ask a lot of questions to understand the problems my clients want to solve and the goals they want to achieve. I then create high-fidelity wireframes that aim to address those goals. Those wireframes get turned into visual interfaces, sometimes with subtle motion effects, to be prototyped and tested with real people.

Happy clients for a happy life

A lot of my projects are NDA or just old, but this does not prevent me from telling you about my experience and solving complex tasks.

Whenever, wherever. We're meant to work together.

Contact me for full-time jobs, freelance projects or to say hello

I have an inbox zero rule so I’ll see your message for sure and, I’ll reply with at least one smiley. I promise.